Difference between Cruiser and Longboard

Cruiser and longboard, are terms which are often used to refer to two different types of Skateboards.

Skateboarding has gone on to become hugely popular, as it is considered to be one of the few sports that allows people to live on the edge and really express themselves. Normally skateboards are used to do tricks and stunts, however, sometimes people look to travel long distances on their boards in order to break out of the norms.

Now both the cruiser and longboard are skateboards which have been made to help the user travel a long distance. However, the two have very minor structural differences, which differentiate the two from one another.

So to start things off, we first need to understand that both the long board and the cruiser are two different variations of the skateboard, which are made for the same purpose, which is to travel long distances.


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    Now the first and most basic difference between the two is that the long board is a lot longer than the cruiser. This is the first primary difference between the two boards.

    The second difference between the two, is the fact that longboards are designed to be more flexible and to help you move about freely. This means that you can use them easily on hilly areas, where they have long curvy roads. On the other hand, cruisers are made for flat straight open roads, since they aren’t very good at turning.

    Normally, due to the need to turn, longboards have heavier wheels as compared to cruisers, since they have more rubber on them to help grip the road. The basic structure of the longboards wheels is made out of stainless steel, while the wheels of the cruiser is made up of aluminum or titanium to help reduce the overall weight of the board.

    Cruisers are far more common as compared to longboards, since most college students utilize them to help them travel long distances.

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    Longboards are skateboards, which are made to help the user travel a long distance, they are flexible and they help you make turns easily and move about with comfort.

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    These are skateboards which are made to travel in straight lines. They are slightly shorter than longboards and they are far more commonly used.

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