What Is Shortwave Radio Used For

Even though television, computer and the Internet has made it extremely convenient for people to remain updated about the latest news and trends from other countries, it was shortwave radio communication that was serving the purpose of keeping the world connected in the past. Transmitting the signal through a transmitter and receiving the signal through a receiver is something that has been done for years and still play a huge role in military, aviation, government and entertainment. Unfortunately, the arrival of new technology has resulted in people forgetting about the utility and even uses of shortwave radio.


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    One of the most common uses of shortwave radio is to broadcast music, shows and news around the world for the hobbyists to listen to. These hobbyists only listen to the signals being transmitted instead of operating their own transmitters. Shortwave radio makes it possible for people sitting miles away from the source of the signal to listen to whatever it is that is being broadcasted. The massive range of shortwave radio makes the distance irrelevant and allows people to enjoy music stations and news from other countries. A lot of radio stations broadcast their shows in English so that people outside of their country can listen to, understand and enjoy their show as well. Same is the case with the music that is played by these stations. Hobbyists not only get to enjoy great music from other countries, but also remain up-to-date about the news that is currently the hot topic in other countries.

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    Non-commercial two-way communication through the operation of shortwave radio transmitter is called amateur radio. Shortwave radio is used by amateur radio operators to carry out emergency communications when the normal channels of communications are either unavailable, or they are not working due to some reason.

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    Shortwave radio is also used by amateur radio enthusiasts for hobby and educational purposes. The long-distance communication channel makes it extremely convenient for them to get their message across without any hassle if they have a proper transmitter and receiver with them.

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    Shortwave radio is used by utility stations for the purpose of long distance non-broadcast communications. Different shortwave bands are allocated or reserved for aviation communication, military communication, governmental purposes, marine weather, ship-to-shore communication and merchant communication. Even though the different shortwave bands are allocated for specific purposes and the communication carried out may be of sensitive nature, the right equipment can make it possible for a third-party to listen to the broadcast.

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