How to Produce Static Electricity

Sometimes electric charges build up on the surface of a body when it is rubbed against another one. The rubbing action causes electrons in one body to move from one place to another. This moving and interchanging of electrons leaves a surplus amount of positive charge on one body and an equal amount of negative charge on the other. Hence, when these materials are separated, the charge imbalance is retained and upon coming in contact with another body of opposite charge, a limited electric shock is felt. This shock may not be of the same magnitude as that from conventional electricity, but it is strong enough shake you up momentarily. The static electricity can be produced in a very simple way with the help of an experiment. This experiment can prove to be a good idea for students in search of ideas for Science project. Lets us perform the experiment by following the below given steps.


– Shoes with rubber sole
– Carpet or piece of carpet
– A partner for demonstration or metal object


  • 1

    Putting on rubber sole shoes

    First of all, wear rubber shoes - but without socks. It does not matter what kind of shoes they are as long as they have a rubber sole.

  • 2

    Walking on Carpet

    After putting the shoes on, step on a carpet. If you do not have a carpet available, simply stand on a piece of carpet.

  • 3

    Developing static charges

    Rub your feetĀ on it and keep doing it for a few minutes to develop static charges in your body.


  • 4

    Touching someone or a metal object

    Now ask someone to come close to you. If you do not have any assistant and are performing the experiment alone, then have some metal objects available.

  • 5

    The shock felt

    When you touch the other person or metal object, you will receive a shock strong enough to make you jump. This is because of the static electricity that is created - as explained earlier in the introduction.

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