How To Complete CPA Exam Requirements Online

A career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be very rewarding and professionally satisfying as well. CPA is well ranked among the top paying jobs of the country. CPA is also very desirable for most people as it guarantees job security, tremendous future growth and a good satisfaction level along with a median salary of $74,200. On the other hand, with the development of online education in the last couple of years, there has been growth in completing CPA exam requirements through online courses.

Moreover, you will be provided with several alternatives for achieving online education that will help you get ready for the CPA exam. This will depend on whether you have graduated with an accredited college or university degree. There are some misconceptions that a Master’s qualification in finance or accounting is a requirement to be a CPA. However, normally there are two ways to get this qualification and both need just a bachelor’s degree, which can be attained through online courses.


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    Ways to become a CPA

    There are two approaches to get the professional degree. A locally accredited bachelor’s degree in accounting is the best educational route. You need 150 semester credits, with 24 semester credits in accounting, law, business, economics and written and oral communication. You can also get the bachelor’s degree in accounting by going to a college or completing it online.

    For students who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, they can register with colleges and universities that provide online accounting degrees. Educators who give online lectures can design the courses according to their style and approach to fit the course and using new technologies like chat rooms, blogs, websites, discussion boards, podcasts or streaming video to communicate and influence their students.

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    Other means

    Nevertheless, most of the bachelor’s degrees in accounting are bestowed before completing 150 semester credits, additional coursework is required. For these students and for people who have attained a degree in a non-accounting subject, coursework can be earned through an accredited post baccalaureate accounting certificate which you can get from online courses.

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    Decision making

    You need to know beforehand if you can learn online when mulling over online education decision to prepare for the CPA exam. This is because learning courses online is different to class learning. You should be able to structure and organise your time as you are seeking information yourself. Therefore, you have to participate, otherwise it’s of no use to you.

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