Difference between Logical and Rational

Logical and Rational are two words which you hear on a daily basis and are able to minutely figure out what people are talking about when using them in a sentence. Amazingly, most people do not know what the real difference between the two actually are.

The use of logical and rational depends mostly on the situation and scenario the words are being used in.

When talking about being rational, it means making use of reason and judging something without being one-sided. Seeing the bigger picture from past experiences and precedents that have been set throughout time are some ways that rational judgments come into play. Emotions cannot play a factor when it comes to being rational because these judgments must be neutral and specific for the situation at hand. Seeing the logical side of something when emotions are also involved makes that particular person rational. Most of the time, rational behaviour and the ability to make rational judgments comes from wisdom that has been acquired through experience and time. This is why judges in most countries around the world, are appointed after many years of legal practice as they are able to see the bigger picture without letting their emotions interfere or influence their decision making process.

Logical principles are sufficiently based on logic. This logic is mostly made up of set rules and things that make sense to the masses without having to think very long. This is required when it comes to deciding whether something is rational or not. Scientific views, based upon facts are said to be logical and not rational because there is some proof behind it. Logic does have a set pattern and proof, like in mathematics and is not engineered through experience or advancement of time. A sequence of events to solve any sort of problem used in the most efficient and effective of ways is known to be logical. These two terms are very similar but cannot be interchanged.


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    The basis of something that has come about due to reasoning and deep thinking is said to be rational. Being rational does not have to be a specific set of rules but factoring on precedents and the ability to keep emotions aside.

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    Keeping in mind facts and the sequence of events that have proved something is said to be logical and used with proven reason behind it as a supporting system.

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