Difference between Cognac and Whiskey

Cognac is one of the finest alcoholic beverages, which can be considered a divine drink. However, not many people can differentiate with other products available in the market nowadays. The taste and aroma of the cognac will be a lot better than Whiskey.

Whiskey, on the other hand, is a drink with low percentage of alcohol as compared to cognac. However, it is less expensive than cognac. Scottish scientists have developed a device for determining the authenticity of a drink, it is only possible to determine the quality of the whiskey, using different methods and techniques.


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    Cognac can be attributed among noble beverages, a moderate use of which can only bring benefit to human health. Unfortunately, today there are a large number of people who are selling fake cognac.

    You should always choose cognac from a known liquor store with a good reputation. This way you will protect yourself from fraud. Demand the certificate of quality for these products. Check excise stamp on the bottle. Well-aged cognac should be closed with tight wooden stopper or cork of wood chips.

    Also, t the quality can be judged by the drink packaging. If cognac is sealed in a special gift box or tube, it says a lot about its quality. Do not buy brandy, if labels are glued unevenly or not present at all. The label must be adhered perfectly.

    The quality of cognac can be determined by turning the bottle upside down. If brandy is easy to stack on the bottle, then brandy is not sustained, and of poor quality. If you suspect a heavy drop it says that it is a good cognac.

    When buying cognac pay attention to its price. The normal price of cognac starts from 800 dollars and above, depending on age and manufacturer.

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    Whiskey with the inscription "Distilled and aged in Scotland" is not a guarantee of genuineness drink. Whisky could well be made ​​of semi-finished and is diluted with water in Scotland.

    Look carefully at the colour of the drink. The natural whiskey varies from pale gold to deep, dark golden. When you open the bottle, feel the aroma of whiskey. Good whiskey is made from malt and the finest ingredients.

    In the bottle there should be no impurities, suspended solids and sediment. Shades of different colours indicate counterfeit products. Colour brandy is completely transparent in most cases.

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