Difference between Honed and Polished Marble

Many people try to give their homes and offices the best possible look and are not bothered about the amount of money that may be spent. Marble is one of the most beautiful natural materials used in construction. It is used in floors as well as for decorative purposes in many homes and offices. There are many variations of marble that can be used depending on your own personal preference and needs.

There are various qualities and types of marble that can range from moderately priced to extremely expensive. There are various measures which determine the price of the marble and generally the foremost in these is the beauty of the marble itself. Also, the location or country from where the actual marble comes from can be an important factor when it comes to quality and prices of the material.

Since it is a natural product, it is extracted from harsh conditions and needs to be finished before its true beauty can be displayed. The two types of finish that are commonly used are honed and polished. Both of them are somewhat different from each other in more than one way.

Honed marble has a matt finish to its surface which is less smooth when compared with a polished surface which is very smooth in nature.

Honed marble does not shine much since there is some possibility of further buffing it and bringing more shine to it. On the other hand, there are several types of sanding techniques that are used in order to get the best shine out.

Scratches do not easily show up on honed marble. However, scratches on polished marble show up right away as they are generally quite visible to the eyes as well.


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    Honed Marble

    A honed surface has been sanded but are not buffed to take the sheen out of them. They are smooth but not reflective. Since the surface is porous, there is a need of refinishing it regularly.

    It is generally used along side polished marble to create a good look and is used in most parts of the house.

    - Image Courtesy: avaliving.com

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    Polished Marble

    It is well sanded and buffed marble in which the shine is brought to the top of the surface. Polished marble is very smooth and reflective. The price of polished marble is quite often high and it is used in many places in the house due to its durability and beauty.

    - Image Courtesy: tiledoctor.co.uk

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