Difference between Chesapeake Bay retriever And Labrador Retriever

Chesapeake Bay retriever and Labrador retriever are the two most common breeds of pet dogs that apparently have many similarities and many people consider that these dogs belong to same breed. Both breeds are quite friendly and easily adjust at home that makes them wonderful pets. They also have almost similar life span that is about 10 to 13 years. However, by observing closely the Chesapeake Bay retriever and Labrador retriever you will be able to identify many differences between these breeds.

Chesapeake Bay retriever has its origins from United States while the Labrador retriever has been originated in Canada. Labrador retriever is much more famous all over the world because of its friendliness as compared to the Chesapeake Bay retriever. Although the height of Chesapeake Bay retriever and Labrador retriever is almost the same but Labrador is slightly heavier. The Chesapeake Bay retriever has a coat of short and straight fur that is also apparent on its face and legs. On the other hand, Labrador retriever has a double coat and its outer coat seems like a uniform. The Chesapeake Bay retriever’s outer coat is not smooth unlike Labrador retriever that has a very smooth outer coat. Labrador retriever has three main colours while Chesapeake Bay retriever comes in a colour that is completely brown or has a prominent brownish touch.


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    Chesapeake Bay Retriever:

    The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a friendly breed of dogs and people from America and its adjacent countries raise it as pets because it is very friendly with children and family. The Chesapeake Bay retriever is generally considered as the sporting and gundog and it also loves to go into water. It has a double layered coat along with short and straight hair on the legs and face and wavy hair on different parts of the body that enhance its beauty. The Chesapeake Bay retriever has a great agility that makes it one of the most active pets in dog family.

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    Labrador Retriever:

    Having its origin in Canada the Labrador retriever is a famous breed of pet dogs all over the world and people love to raise it at their home. Labrador retrievers come in three major colours including chocolate brown, solid black and yellow. The average weight of a Labrador retriever is usually between 40 kilograms for males and 35 for females. It has a superb sense of smell that makes it one of the best trackers. It is a decent dog with friendly behaviour that makes it a great pet for all family members.

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