What is Encryption and why is It Necessary

Changing and encoding data so that it cannot be read by others is the basis of what encryption is. It is necessary to keep important data safe from people that do not have any business looking over this vital data. In order to read an encrypted file you will need the key to open the encryption so that it goes back to its original format. Encryption is being used by most companies to protect their customer data especially for various online transactions like credit card data and processing. Encryption is a must to secure your vital information and data.


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    Military roots:

    The majority of military information has always been encrypted for operational security. The less people know about something that more effective and valuable the information becomes. Encryption has its roots in the military as they were the ones that first started using this relatively easy technology to secure their information and data.

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    Protecting important data:

    The main purpose of encryption is to protect important data from others. Encryption basically makes the data unreadable to those that do not possess the key to put it back together. Since the majority of information and data is electronic, using encryption is relatively easy as there are many different programs that offer this protection.

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    Data theft:

    In the case of data theft, encryption provides a relative sense of security as the thief will have to get the key in order to make sense of the scrambled up data. Although professional hackers and data thieves can try to break in to the encryption, it is still relatively unreadable without the key to put it all back together again. Encryption acts like a safe for all of your valuable data with the added benefit that if your information gets stolen, it will still remain secure.

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    Data storage:

    Keeping data stored safely is what encryption can provide to companies and individuals as well. Encryption will provide a tremendous amount of layered security on the data storage capabilities. Keeping all of the sensitive or important data encrypted will ensure that it is unreadable to even some that have access to it.

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    New applications:

    With the advent of fast wireless services and smart phone technology, more and more people are looking to encryption to keep their data or information safe over these wireless networks. Most people now use their smart phones to purchase products or services with their credit cards and keep this secure is of the utmost priority. Encryption can keep data secure regardless of the platform being used or the methods of data transfer.

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