Difference Between Add-on Domain and Parked Domain

Add-on domains and parked domains are two types of web hosting that each serve a unique purpose. Issues usually arise when you go to get web hosting services or when you need to purchase a particular domain name. Add-on domain means having a separate website while parked domains are multiple domain names under your primary domain name. Both domains are very popular as you can have several names under your primary domain account that gives you better online visibility. At the same time some online experts believe that add-on domains give better overall results.


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    Add-on domains

    Add-on domain means just another website owned by someone separately. These domains are hosted in public_html folder. It is called a unique domain and also has unique content. You often do not need any permission to register a new domain name. Add-on domains are a separate website and hosted in your main domain. The sub domains are also available in add-on domains like help.domain.com. You get an opportunity to host different websites on one account while using add-on domains. Though setting up sub domains gives you the ability to set up more domains on one account so that you can park on top of the sub domain. Many big organisations do this as they get better results. It is also important to understand that though it needs little assistance when it comes to add-on domain but still if you rely too much on sub domain which is already parked as it can give you slight problems in the long run.

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    Parked domains

    Parked domains are multiple domain names under your primary domain name. Experts suggest that this arrangement of websites gives you better online visibility. A parked domain is not a unique website. Experts do not recommend that you should use parked domains for businesses purposes. The space is an issue but the security of website is also at risk when using parked domains. Hackers and other cyber criminals often target websites that are on parked domains as there can be security loopholes which can be exploited. These domains are mainly used when you need a place where you can park your website under some other domain.

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