Difference between Frigate and Destroyer

There are a huge number of people who do not know anything about frigate and destroyer simply because they do to have an armed forces background. There are also many people who have an armed forces background but cannot clearly find difference between a frigate and destroyer which are two ships that work under the supervision of navy. Many people consider both of these ships as the same but these ships are not similar at all as there are huge differences between frigate and destroyer. The frigates are small and light in weight as compared to destroyers that are huge in size and also are much heavier.

Usually young officers are deployed on the frigate whereas older or experienced navy officers are deployed on a destroyer. Destroyers are designed in a way to attack and defend in an effective manner while frigates do not have that effective capability of attack and defence. It takes a considerably huge cost in preparing a destroyer as compared to a frigate. Destroyers are known by the abbreviation of DD’s or DDG’s while frigates are called FF. The basic function of a destroyer is to attack with antiaircraft and missiles whereas frigate is a fleet protector.


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    Frigate is basically a large-sized ship that is used by the navy during war. It is an antiaircraft ship and is also known as antisubmarine ship which is combatant one and can carry different types of mission during the war in highly threatening environment. Usually, a frigate provides protection to many other ships included in a fleet. The frigate also performs the role like a flagship in a convoy. The weight of a frigate is usually between 2000 to 5000 tones and has the capacity to carry heavy weight armour etc.

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    Destroyer is the biggest and most equipped combatant ships and is generally considered the ruler of the sea. The destroyer is considered as the perfect and most threatening combatant ship in war because of its capacity to attack with guided missiles, antiaircraft and antisubmarine guns. Destroyers are very heavy ships and the average weight of a destroyer is between 6000 to 10000 tones. Destroyers are fully equipped with the latest sensors and radars that help in checking every movement in a certain area on and under the surface of the sea.

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