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Why spend hours clicking through the over 1,000 sites that are dedicated to Elementary School Literature and Reading Lesson Plans? You waste valuable time perusing sites that don’t relate to your subject matter, whose material is sketchy at best, and where you cannot find a single resource to help you. Here we have listed some of the popular Literature and Reading lesson plan websites and offered detailed descriptions of what you will find. We have also ranked each site based upon the quality, quantity and usefulness of its Elementary School Literature and Reading lesson plans and activities. Best of all, each of these sites has been checked out and ranked by a certified Literature teacher!

Ranking System

3 Site offers multiple relevant lessons/activities and is well organized.

2 Site offers some good information, but is not well organized or the area covered is very narrow.

1 Site offers only a few lessons/activities or has limited information, but is worth listing.

Web English Teacher

This site allows teachers to share resources and learn from each other. It includes Elementary SChool Reading and Literature lesson plans, activities, and resources for all areas in the English discipline ranging from poetry to Shakespeare toyearbook publishing.
Rank: 3

Story Arts Online

A resource with Elementary Literature and Reading ideas and lessons for storytelling in the classroom.
Rank: 3

AskERIC Children’s Literature Page

A site with Literature and Reading lesson plans on Elementary level books and basic reading concepts.
Rank: 3

A.J. Jordak Library Media Center

A “grab bag” website that has many interesting activities for all ages of children. The Elementary Reading and LIterature activities touch of improving knowledge in writing, reading, and spelling.
Rank: 3

Lesson Planz

Offers many Elementary Literature and Reading activites and lessons, including a few book specific lessons. The site is broken down into individual grade categories.
Rank: 3

The Teacher’s Corner

Site contains hundreds of lessons that focus on reading lessons plans, mainly dealing with individual book units.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators -Literature & Language Arts

This site has links for websites that offer an enormous range of different information for use in a classroom. This site is also a part of the official Discovery Channel website.
Rank: 2

Cyberguides K-3 and 4-5 (K-3) – (4-5) –

This site offers many webquest-type activities students can do on many popular adolescent novels. These Elementary Reading and Literature activities also have step-by-step procedures for following the activity, as well as helpful online links students can use.
Rank: 2

Planet Esm�©

A children’s literature site with classifications by subject and ideas that could lead to some very good Elementary Reading and Literature lessons.
Rank: 1

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