How to Score Well In ICSE Exams

ICSE stands for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and happens to be one of the major examinations in the country for those who think education is important and certifications are a must.

Chances are that if you are here, then you are looking for some tips on how to score better in these particular exams. However, we get the feeling that the majority of the readers here are looking for shortcuts and techniques which will allow them to study less but come out with flying colours.

For the latter, it is important to understand that they are in for some news and that news is not good. There are no shortcuts in life, however, in order to do well in you ICSE exams just keep a few things in mind.


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    Study, study and study some more. Most students study for an hour or so before feeling they have done enough. This sense of convincing oneself that they have done enough is the worst enemy a student can make for him or herself. Instead of setting time limits on study sessions, focus more on content. Set realistic targets involving various chapters or tests. Set targets such as ‘today I will complete chapter one and two’, ‘tomorrow chapter three and four’ and so on. This will allow you to be more flexible and not feel pressed for time.

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    The second technique is to revise. What many people do not know is that learning everything the first time is not enough to retain it. Revising it regularly will help you to retain everything that you have studied. Every week or so, make sure you review all that you have studied. This does not involve learning everything all over again but rather reading through any notes you have made.

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    In the case of mathematics, practice is essential, as relying on theory is never enough. Practice tests as often as possible and keep one hour a day just for the number crunching subjects. As for theory, make brief notes, no longer than a line to help in the revision process.

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