How to Use a Balance Board in the Office

There are a lot of equipments and devices that help in building stamina, losing extra pounds, developing muscles and have a medical use. However, balance board is one of the few rare devices that offer all these things, with the addition of balance training.

The device is commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but its small size makes it possible for people working in an office for most part of the day and having little to no time for gym can make the most of it. Of course, they would need to seek permission from their employer before bringing the device to work.


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    If you have your own work room in the office, you should seriously consider installing a standing desk in there. With a standing desk in your room, you will be able to ride on your balance board while working on the computer. This way, you would be exercising your mind and correcting your posture at the same time. Do not feel conscious while riding the balance board in your office, since there is no reason to be feeling conscious over working and having a bit of fun and exercise at the same time.

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    You do not want your attention to be divided between the work that you are doing on the standing desk and maintaining your balance on the balance board. This can hamper your productivity and analytical skills, since you would be having a great deal of difficulty in concentrating. In order to resolve this issue, try to get a balance board with limited rolling action. This would keep you from wasting too much concentration on maintaining your balance and consequently allow you to work on the work-desk more efficiently.

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    If you cannot get a standing desk installed in your work room, you can still bring a balance board along. Take regular breaks from work and allow yourself to relax a little by training on the balance board. You will find yourself feeling a bit refreshed after spending some time on the balance board. Just do not start ignoring work too much in order to spend more time on the balance board.

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    Share your balance board with your colleagues. You can keep at an area where others can access it. Remember to give them the permission to use it freely whenever they feel like it. This will not only help you to get over any awkwardness that may have been there because of using a balance board in the office, but will also win you a lot of respect from your colleagues.

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    Occasionally perform exercises on the balance board instead of limiting your use of the board to balance training, posture, etc. do push-ups, crunches and other such exercises whenever you have time to kill.

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