How to Reduce your Water Consumption

The importance of water in our daily lives cannot be emphasized enough. We use it for washing, drinking, sanitary purposes, industries and so much more. This useful resource is generally taken for granted. We fail to realize that as part of being responsible citizens of the world, we need to conserve water and stop wasting it. The resource is very precious and a day cannot pass without using it. It is the duty of every human being to conserve this resource and urge others around you to do so too. There are many simple ways in which we can contribute to saving water.


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    The kitchen sink wastes a lot of water. People keep turning on the tap to wash just one plate. When you are using a dishwasher, make sure that it is fully loaded before you turn it on. This will reduce the number of times the washer is run, and less water will be used.

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    It is true that many drops add up to form a sea. Most toilets usually have leaks and the water keeps getting wasted drop by drop. Try to mend all the leaks in the sink and the flush. Also, do not use your flush as a waste bin. Avoid dropping tissues and other wrappers in it. You will save a lot of water with each flush this way.

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    The morning starts with brushing your teeth. One is usually very sleepy and the pace is slow. The tap is turned on while we keep brushing our teeth, and this means that water is wasted. While you are brushing, turn the tap off, and keep it off until you are ready to rinse.

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    It is important to water your lawn but a lot of water can be saved if you do it strategically. Water your lawn at times when the sun is not at its peak. This way, less water will evaporate, and more of it will soak into the soil of the lawn. The best time to water is after sunset or early in the morning.

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    A lot of water is used for cleaning purposes. The driveways and sidewalks are usually washed with water and they appear sparkling clean afterward. Although it is necessary to keep your surroundings tidy, it is not required that you use water daily to clean the outside of the house. Instead, opt for a weekly wash and just use a broom for the remaining days. Also, ensure that you do not leave the water running when you are done.

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