How to Create a Family Survival Kit

Whether you are living in a city or a small town, natural calamities can hurt anyone and they often wreak havoc on things that come in their way. Storms, earthquakes and tornadoes are among the most destructive natural calamities and cause lots of deaths every year.

Protection of your and your family members’ life is the primary thing and you should make sure that you do all you can to keep you safe from calamities that can kill people. There are a lot of survival techniques you can use to minimize the risk of life loss.


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    Water and food

    Water and food should be at the top of the priority list in your survival kit. Provision of these things is paramount in most of the calamities, especially in a storm that disrupts life and infrastructure, blocked roads and flooded areas.

    Your kit should be large enough to keep store water and food, and light enough to move around the affected place. You can contact a professional survival kit producer if you find it hard to create it yourself. There should be at least one gallon per person available in a stored place. As for food, you should focus on dried food and protein bars. Dried food can last longer than any other food and has enough calories to keep your body in motion.

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    Household items

    Household items can come in handy during worst conditions. For instance, you can be in trouble if you are cut off from the rest of the city and there is no infrastructure left in your town. In order to stay fine, you will need a few household items to keep yourself on the safe, until you get help from rescue workers. The things you can include in your survival kit are: Matches and candles, cooking source like an electric stove or a gas grill, vitamins, supplies and pet food, can opener, and plastic sheets for cover.

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    Toiletries should be part of your survival kit at all times. These may include razors, toothbrushes and toilet papers.

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    First aid kit

    A first aid kid is very important and you cannot ignore it even when have more important medical supplies like oxygen kit, surgical items and Bipap. First aid kit typically includes bandages, adhesive tape, gauze and anti bacterial solutions. If you do not know how create a first aid kit and its box, you can buy it on the market. Mostly, pre-made first aid kits also include handbooks/guidebooks.

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