How to Create an Adventure for Bedtime Blues

Young children are always fascinated with stories.

Bedtime stories are especially fanciful and captivating and can fill your child’s imagination with wonderful and beautiful thoughts.

If you tell them interesting and adventurous stories, then you will be able to grab their attention and leave them wanting more. In order to make your story interesting, it is really important that you should think like a child, which will help you in understanding what they want to hear from you. As you prepare yourself to create an adventure for bedtime blues, grab a cup of coffee and embrace yourself to you state of comfort.


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    In order to capture the attention of your child, you should always try to gear your story and choose your character according to their age. If you have a child who is around 2 years old, then you should try to have fewer words in your story, with simple and easy flow.

    On the other hand, if your child is around 4 to 6 years old, then you can add some depth in your words, while adding more expression to the characters and the actions that they perform.

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    You should always try to keep the structure of the story simple and straight. Also, you can either use the “First Person” approach or the “Third Person” approach to tell your story. The first person approach is something in which the character tells his own story, and you use “I” when telling the story to your child. The third person approach is something in which you tell the story as an observer, and use “they” for the characters.

    Children about 2 years old may find the story more interesting if your use the first person approach, as they will feel proud of the story as if you did all the actions in the story. For middle-age children, third person approach is better, as you can then use more sophisticated language and observations in the story.

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    When choosing the characters of the story, you should always make sure that they are likeable and acceptable by your child. Every character should be embraced by your child, and make them connect the characters and the story.

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    You should always choose a plot for the story that takes your child to a happy and comfortable state of mind.

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