Remedies for Removing Gnats and Fruits Flies From Your Home

Regardless of how small they are, gnats and fruit flies can cause problems for people that allow them to dwell in their households and gardens. Nothing good comes from having these annoying flies within one’s home and if care is not taken a swarm of them can find a home within your walls. The last thing you want is for them to start breeding, because once they do, then getting rid of them only becomes more difficult to achieve. However, if you’ve noticed these flies within your home, you’ll need few simple tips to successfully get rid of them.


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    Use a Gnat Trap

    Gnat traps are one of the most reliable means of getting rid of gnats. We recommend the Gnat Stix, primarily designed to trap gnats after they emerge from the soil. Go to a reputable store and purchase one, you should find them highly useful.

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    Try The Vinegar Trap

    This technique is relevant for those that want to rely on home-made remedies. All you need is a mixture of apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap and water, in a container. Then place it around the area where you see most gnats. The insects are attracted to cider vinegar, and once they come in contact with the mixture, they should die immediately, because of the soap content.

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    Fruit And Paper Cone Trick

    Place a bit of vinegar and a very ripe fruit into a jar. Then, roll a piece of paper into a cone like shape and place it in the jar. The flies would get drawn and soon be trapped in the jar.

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    Red Wine Trick

    Just like vinegar, gnats love the smell of wine. Leave an empty wine bottle in a place they are mostly found. Soon enough, you will find them trapped in the bottle. It’s always advisable to mix a bit of dish soap, in order to completely kill them.

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    Milk, Sugar and Pepper

    One pint of milk, 4 oz of raw sugar and 2 oz of ground pepper should do the trick for you. Have them simmered in a saucepan for about 10 minutes. Then pour into a shallow container and before long, the flies would be drawn to the smell and quickly drown in no time.

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    With these tips, getting rid of gnats and fruit flies within your home should become easy to attain.

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