How to Use a Miracle Blanket

If you are tired of employing the traditional swaddling techniques, you must consider using a miracle blanket for your baby. People often face the difficulty of wrapping their babies in a feasible manner. If the swaddle is kept loose, babies manage to escape the blanket every time and if it is a bit too tight then it can cause uncomfort for the baby.

If you are facing the same issue, then only a miracle blanket can solve your problem. This will allow both you and your baby to get a sound sleep. Using a miracle blanket is very simple and just requires some easy-to-perform steps.


  • 1

    Open up the miracle blanket on a plain surface

    In order to wrap your baby in a miracle blanket, you must open it on a plain surface. You can choose your bed or a carpeted floor for this purpose and make sure that nothing sharp or edgy is underneath the blanket.

    The blanket would have two arms;  place the longer arm of the blanket on your left and the relatively shorter arm to your right.

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    Place your baby in the centre

    After you have unfolded the blanket, you must place your baby in the centre of it. The positioning of baby is important in a miracle blanket otherwise you will not be able to swaddle the baby properly. Here, you must keep in mind that the shoulders of your baby should be aligned with the top of blanket.

  • 3

    Wrap baby’s arms and legs

    Place the legs of your baby in the foot pouch of the blanket. For this, you will have to lift your baby's lower torso gently and insert his/her feet into the pouch one by one. The next step is to cover your baby’s arms.

    Pick the right arm of the blanket, cover baby's right arm properly and then tuck the blanket to the back of your baby.

  • 4

    Complete the swaddle

    After you have tucked the right arm, you should hold the longer arm and give it another round across your baby’s body to complete the swaddle.

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