How to End the Fuel and Energy Crisis

Today the biggest threat to our existence is the fuel and energy crisis, and if humans fail to control the current declining state, there is every chance that the world will cease to exist as we know it. If we want our cars, televisions and smart phones to keep running, we need infinite energy sources since everything we use today requires energy. Without rocket fuel for instance, we will not be able send satellites into orbit which will destroy our communication system. The energy crisis is already here, as can be seen in some developing countries in the world, where power outages last several hours everyday.


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    The first step is to reduce the waste of energy, and realize that it is imperative that we conserve the energy that we have. This will reduce the pressure on the limited natural resources we have.

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    Moving away from technological advancements is one way to fix the problem. Our dependence on technology has passed beyond everything and needs to be brought under control, meaning that we should choose to use only what is necessary and refrain from using luxury items. Today nearly every household has a couple of desktops and laptops, alongside several smartphones - the growing numbers of these items are putting a considerable load on the energy supplies we have.

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    Finding natural solutions to our problems is another way to control the crisis. Building more natural water reservoirs, wind generation plants and solar panels for energy can save our limited resources from exhaustion.

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    The search for alternate fuel and energy sources needs to speed up. It is important for the developed world to focus their full attention on finding alternate sources which will bring a revolution in this world. With the advent of new sources, fuel prices will also go down considerably, making it possible for other nations to invest in their money in other development projects.

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    For years scientists have looked into the possibility of running cars on water, however, so far this has not proved successful. Many believe that more thought and funds need to be directed towards this project.

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    All the nations of the world can sit together and chalk out a formula by which they can share their energy resources with other nations. The objective should to be focus on reducing the price of fuel and energy.

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    Nations facing shortage of electricity need to negotiate with neighbouring countries to buy electricity from them. Instead of running the energy sector on oil, nations should opt to build hydropower plants which will reduce electricity costs by a huge margin.

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