How to Cut Expenses and Live More Frugally

Frugal living may not be a daily norm for most of you but given the economic fluctuations, it is about time that you get your expenses sorted out and avoid waste and lavishness.

Being frugal is all about being economical and wise in the use of your resources, which includes food, shelter among many other things. This style of living may require some time to get accustomed to but giving it a real go will allow you to effectively deal with financial downturns in the face of leading a healthy life.


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    Retaining money is a difficult art due to the growing nature of debts. Individuals, couples and adults have to deal with all sorts of loans – student, home, car etc. Therefore it is important that you cut your family expenses and rather than simply sticking to the old cliché of living on a day-to-day or monthly basis, make some budget adjustments which allow you to spend tactfully.

    The starting point for you will be to analyse your fixed expenses on the monthly basis. These will include mortgage payments, food etc. Make sure that you separate all your wants from needs.

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    Having sorted out your expenses, it is now important that you create a budget, which streamlines only your permanent costs; cut all exuberant expenses. The frugality concept deals with using your resources in an economical manner and monitoring your every move so that you keep track on where you spend the money.

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    For starters, cut back on your travelling expenses. Carpooling is the best option but using public transport is also advisable as it will guarantee plenty of saving on gas or fuel. Use personal vehicle only when you are going out for shopping households errands. There also, you must pick out necessities for your family or pool with other families for greater discounts.

    Look for good deals or use clip coupons for items you buy on a regular basis. Growing food such as vegetables in your own backyard may also be a good saving mechanism.

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    Remember to cut down on eating out, or going to a theatre or movie. While this may sound ridiculous, you can always plan a get together at your home. This will not only save you money, but will help you get more quality family time.

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    Lastly, seek freebies online or at your local store. Most of the new products are given for free to build a customer base, and that is your chance to save some money. Other efforts will include bulk discount, group errands, cutting on wild holidays or wedding celebrations etc.

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