How to Try On Shoes Correctly Before Purchase

Wearing shoes should not be painful at all. However, a survey conducted in America suggests that almost eight out of ten women who wear new shoes claim that their feet hurt because of their shoes. Moreover, the same survey also suggests that every nine out of ten women in America wear shoes which are smaller than their actual size. If you are not wearing shoes of the proper size, it may cause a lot of problems for you in the future. Not only will your feet hurt; in fact, there can be a number of foot problems that will make things worse for you. These problems may include the likes of corns and hammertoes. Such problems can easily be avoided if you know how to try on new shoes and while you are out buying shoes for yourself, you can consider certain points so that you do not end up hurting yourself.


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    Make sure that you always go out to buy your shoes during evening or night. A research suggests that your feet swell up during the day. Therefore, always buy shoes late during the day because if you purchase them in the morning, you might find them to be relatively tighter during the night.

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    Whenever you are out to buy new shoes, make sure you wear the hosiery which you will also be wearing during your everyday regime. If you want to wear shoes with thick socks, then try them on with thick socks.

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    Always try to adjust with the best shoes which are available in the market. You can’t just roam around looking for cheaper shoes only.

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    Always try both the shoes. This is absolutely necessary. Research says that there are people who have a little difference between both their feet. Therefore, make sure that you are fully comfortable with both the feet.

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    Once you are trying the shoes on, make sure you check for proper fit. This is absolutely necessary.

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    After wearing the shoes, make sure you stand up and walk so you know whether they are fully comfortable or not.

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    Mirrors can seriously come in handy during such occasions. If you believe you have ugly feet, simply stand in front of a mirror and make sure that they will suit your feet or not.

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    Always be open to different brands and styles which are available in the market. At times cheaper ones can be comfortable as well.

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