How to Iron a Tie At Home

Are you planning to go on a formal party and suddenly found out that your favourite tie has developed a wrinkle, which will look untidy after you wear it? If that is the case, then you do not need to worry, as you can easily iron it at home, without applying too much effort.

However, you will still need to have the basic knowledge of the ironing process in order to avoid any damage to your tie. This article will shed light on the process of ironing the tie, which has developed wrinkles, especially at the place where you tie the knot.


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    Check the tag on the tie in order to check the information regarding the fabric used. It is really important to know about the fabric of the tie in order to avoid any damage while ironing it. Some fabrics require less heat to get ironed and others need to be ironed using less temperature. Therefore, locate the tag and check for the fabric at first.

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    Plug in iron with the power source and turn it on. Set the temperature dial according to the fabric used in your tie. If the tie is made up of cotton, then you will need to set the temperature fairly high. If you have Wool tie, then you should set the temperature dial to medium settings. Usually, the ties are made up of silk or polyester blends. Therefore, if you have the tie with these fabrics, then you should set the temperature really low. Otherwise, the iron will stick to you tie and will burn the fabric.

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    Now place the tie on the ironing table or board with its back side facing up.  Never iron the front side first.

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    Place a clean piece of cotton cloth on the tie and start ironing it at the area where your tie is placed. Iron the tie in small sections, by moving your iron from bottom to top and from edges inward in order to avoid creases to form. The crease can negatively affect the overall look of your tie.

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    Periodically, lift the cotton cloth and check the progress and any wrinkles that may have caused during the ironing process. When you are done with ironing the back side of the tie, turn the tie face up and repeat the process.

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