How to Remove a Scorch from Fabric

If the iron settings are a bit too high for the fabric, your cloth might get stained by scorch marks. These stains actually burn marks and mostly cannot be removed from the fabric. However, if your clothing has light stain marks upon it, they can be removed through some simple techniques. You have to first determine the type of fabric which has suffered scorch marks and then apply the remedy accordingly. Every fabric has different sort of structure and properties, and hence, require a different treatment for stains.


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    Cotton and Linen Fabrics

    These fabrics a bit sensitive than others and using peroxide to remove scorch marks can be really handy. Apply small amount of peroxide on a separate piece of old fabric and place it over the scorch stain.

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    Gently rub a heated iron over the piece of cloth. When heat is provided, peroxide will work to pull out the scorch stains from the cotton or linen fabric.

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    The other way to remove scorch marks from cotton clothing is to put the fabric in cold water immediately when it gets the stain. Soaking the cotton clothing in cold water will take about 24 hours to pull out the fresh scorch marks.

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    You can also apply white vinegar to fresh scorch stains. Rub the fabric first with vinegar and then with cold water. Keep the process repeating until the stain is washed out completely.

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    You can also put lemon juice over the scorch stain and then let it in sunlight directly. This will bleach out the scorch mark and is very effective for light coloured clothing.

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    Wool, Satin and Silk Fabrics

    Scorch marks on woollen clothing actually burns the fabric to reduce its volume. You can use a brush, fine sandpaper or emery paper to scrape the ends of scorch stains. This will prevent other stains to replace the scorch marks.

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    You can also sprinkle powdered chalk over the scorch stain on woollen fabric. Make sure to wet the stain before apply chalk to it and then expose it to direct sunlight.

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    For satin fabrics, dab a small amount of peroxide on the scorched area and place the clothing in sun.

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    You can try out the same scorching method for silk fabric as mentioned for woollen clothes. However, scorch marks don’t come out of silk fabric easily.

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    Other Fabrics

    Everyone knows that rayon and polyester fabrics are not to be ironed but if they get scorch marks from cigarette, you can apply peroxide and place it in sunlight for removing the stain.

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