How to Find a Baptism Gown

Many parents baptise their children in order to celebrate the acceptance of religion into their family. It is one of the biggest days of a baby when he is baptised. All you require is a simple baptism or christening gown i.e. a simple white gown. You can let the elder kids wear simply dresses but for infants, you need to find a baptism gown for this event. There is no need to panic as you can easily find the christening gown from several location and sources.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Family Heirloom gown
– Internet connection
– Sewing machine
– White fabric
– Trim, lace or ribbons
– Pattern for a baptism gown or simple long dress


  • 1

    Borrow a family heirloom

    You can always borrow family heirloom gown from your parents, in-laws or even your grandparents if they have. Simply ask them if they have kept or saved the gown which was used for baptism. You can also ask your friends and other family members whether they have or not. By this you will save lot of time and money.

  • 2

    Online auction sites

    Check on different auction sites on the internet that they have gowns or not. You can visit eBay and find the christening gowns. If you are lucky, you will find several gowns available and for cheap rates. Remember that you need an eBay account to buy the gown from this site.

  • 3

    Local mass retailers

    You can always seek for baptism gown at your local mass retailers. You can easily find a baptism gown in the baby’s department. By this you will also save a lot of time. You might be fortune enough to find one in sale at these mass retailer outlets. Besides this you can buy a plain white dress and later attach trims and lace on it.

  • 4

    Local resale or consignment store

    Baptism gowns are also available at your local resale and consignment stores. Remember that there is a chance you fin d a gown which was never worn and the price tag also attached with it.

  • 5

    Create a baptism gown

    In case you do not like any gown available or not interested in choosing any other option to get it, then you can simple create a christening gown. You can even let a friend stitch for you. Get some patterns from your local fabric stores and create a masterpiece.

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