How to Prevent Wrinkles on Dress Pants

Wearing pants that have wrinkles on them can be very embarrassing, especially when you are in the office. There are many ways to avoid this problem. You need to take good care of your dress pants by hanging them properly in closets. Hanging the dress pants in clamping hangers is not just enough. You need to maintain a proper distance between two hangers as crowding up too many hangers in one area can also cause wrinkles. Washing the pants according to their care label is also vital to prevent any wrinkles.


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    Hang the trousers in closets

    The most important thing you need to do is to place the dress pants in hangers when you keep them in the closet. In this way, the pants will stay in a perfect shape and there is a lesser chance of getting wrinkles in comparison to setting the pants in drawers. It is always good to use clamping hangers in this case. When using hangers, make sure you match the creases when placing the dress pants in hangers.

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    Leave some distance between each trouser

    Maintain a considerable distance between each trouser when hanging them in the closet. You may cause wrinkles if you crowd many pants together. So, to prevent any wrinkles when hanging the pants you need to make sure that two hangers have some space in between.

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    Iron the dress pants when slightly wet

    There are some fabrics that require to be ironed at a higher temperature. It is always good to iron your pants when they are slightly wet. Even if they are not, you can use a water spray during the ironing process.

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    Wash the pants according to fabric

    It is crucial to wash the pants according to the care label. You must make sure that the pants are not being washed with too hot or too cold water. This may damage the fabric of the pants and will also cause wrinkles. To avoid wrinkles through washing, it is good to wash the pants with warm water. Do not keep the trousers for too long in the water also as that can also cause wrinkles.

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