How to Act Like a Busy, Stylish Woman

Adopting a new trend every time and acting like a busy, stylish woman is a simple technique to grab other’s attention. Style is not about wearing expensive attires or jewelries, it revolves around the way you carry things, the way you behave and the way your react on certain occasions.

Boldness is the main requirement of looking stylish as you have to present yourself with attitude and haughtiness to look different from others. Busy and stylish women are always admired by the men and other women. Fashionable women always know what looks wonderful on them and they do not become victims to style.


  • 1

    Get a great outfit

    The basic rule to look like a stylish woman is, wearing an outfit according to latest trend. Keep the color of the year in mind. Wear some light color for summer and dark colors for winters. Make sure that you are comfortable in the outfit and it is neither too lose nor too tight. Skirts are best

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    Wear a nice make-up

    Now, put on some nice makeup. There is no need to wear funky makeup but a neat and sober makeup can play its role in diverting others attention towards you. Eye make-up is the main thing you really have to be careful about. You can wear green eyeshadow, or Gold eyeshadow etc; moreover, you can consider the nail art to improve the overall look of your nails.

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    Wear trendy sunglasses

    Wear a pair of trendy sunglasses to enhance your overall look. You do not need to buy expensive sunglasses for this purpose as you can give an elegant touch to the old ones, decorating them nicely. Make your own Glitter Sunglasses and Flower Embellished Sunglasses for more stylish look.

  • 4

    Wear heels

    Medium or tall height makes it easy for you to look like a stylish woman. But, if you have short height, then you can wear heel to cope up with this issue. Moreover, you can make your own Jeweled Heels in order to give some classic touch to your simple heels.

  • 5

    Carry lots of shopping bags

    Once you are done with the dressing, it is the time to behave like a stylish woman. For this, purpose you can carry some fine shopping bags. The nicely designed shopping bags of some quality brands will work for you. Shopping bags in your hands will make you look like a busy woman as it looks as if you have just bought all the material in a minute.

  • 6

    Display your cell-phone

    It is the time to display your elegant cell phone, carrying it on the other hand. Make sure to check it after every second and third minutes in order to pretend that you are one among the busiest ladies of the town. Moreover, you can make a fake call if you want. However, make sure to switch your phone’s setting to silent mood as the ring of an incoming call can ruin all you efforts.

  • 7

    Start reading a newspaper or magazine

    If you sit somewhere, simply pick a magazine or newspaper and start reading it with full concentration, while checking your cell phone after few minutes.

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