How to Look Like Alessandra Ambrosio

Celebrity crushes are usual these days because they are one of the most mesmerizing characters with toned up bodies and luring outfits. However, making them idols is another case and you always want to follow your favourite celebrity, be like him/her. Well, at the moment, I will tell you how to look like Alessandra Ambrosio. She is one of the most beautiful ladies on planet with a perfectly toned and tanned body. She is a boy’s heaven and a girl’s idol. You want to look like her? Just make sure, you are ready to flaunt your curves that were developed after hours of workout at the gym.


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    You need to dye your hair. It is obvious that the first thing you need to change is the length of your hair which is almost in line with your bikini strap. Get bangs at the front, dye your hair brown and put golden highlights in between. You will have to visit a hair specialist to do it right because if you are not going to approach a professional, you will mess up the entire thing and your look will be more like a messed up girl than the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio. The celebrity has natural brown hair. You might get a wig with the same style from some costume store but I would recommend that you dye your hair because wig won’t look so good.

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    You need to style your hair after dying them. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show appearance of Alessandria Ambrosio had a curled hair look from the bottom. However, she also wears straight hair so it all depends on your liking and choice. Choose wisely; maybe get an advice from a professional at a saloon.

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    Ambrosio doesn’t wear a lot of make up because she has got a natural body that is absolutely mesmerizing but you will have to tan your body to look like her if you are white. She looks beautiful without makeup so make sure that you don’t have to use a lot of makeup. Just look natural.

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    Stay casual. Ambrosio doesn’t wear formal dresses a lot unless it is a formal event like awards ceremony.

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    Wear a bikini that shows a cleavage and fixes on your chest perfectly. Lose clothing is not the choice of Ambrosio.

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    Wear girly outfits and shoes. So jeans and t-shirts don’t follow Ambrosio’s method.

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