How to Fly Using a Wingsuit

Adrenaline junkies are people who like to live on the edge and go all out, in order to get what they want. These people are always looking to do something over the top, just in order to feel alive, and get a rush of blood to their head.

Using a wingsuit is one of the many things that these people do. A wingsuit is a suit that you wear, which adds more surface area to your body. In return, this surface area helps you glide through the air. However, in the end you have to use a parachute to come back down, and avoid getting fatally hurt.


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    The first step to learning how to use a wingsuit is to go out and buy one. You need to ensure that you get both a parachute and a wingsuit. This is because you need to figure out a way to be landing after you are floating around.

    Just buying one of the two won’t do the trick and you need to think this through rather carefully.

    Make sure you make the purchase from a reputed store, or you could end up owning some very poor products that could cost you your life.

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    Spread arms and legs to float

    Now when using the wingsuit, you need to remember that spreading your arms and legs will increase the surface area of your suit. This increased surface area will allow you to float about more freely and get more flight out. However, don’t stay in the air for too long, since that is bound not to be too good for your health.

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    Close in to dive

    In order to pick up speed and dive lower, you need to come in closer and hold your body together. This will help you form a pointy shape and make you much faster than you would have ever hoped to have gone.

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    In order to turn in your wing suit, all you have to do is rotate your body in the direction that you want to go in. This will let you go right and left, and allow you to make cool patterns in the air.

    However, holding a turn for too long can result in you spinning out of control and then finding it almost impossible to recover and get back into a decent floating position.

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