How to Create a Golden Fall Look

A golden fall look will point out to your beautiful, especially your eyes. You will know exactly how to look during the fall season. For obvious reasons, you can’t go golden during spring, as it will be too dull for spring. Therefore, you should go for golden during the fall season and you will know how exactly you should use the makeup during that time of the year.

The golden fall look is not easy to pull off; therefore, you will need to know what exactly you need in order to completely execute it. Therefore, get ready and grab a BB cream, eyelids and everything you think is extremely important to make a golden fall look.


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    You first need to apply BB cream. It is extremely important for this type of look. The BB cream will help you take care of the imperfections that are going to be a part of your skin. Moreover, the cream also brightens up your skin and you do not even have to work too hard on it. Therefore, do try to get hold of a BB cream because it is very much important for you in order to complete this look.

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    Now you need to prime your eyelids. To be honest, you cannot really prime your eyelids without a primer, a foundation, or a concealer. Therefore, try to get hold of all these as they are extremely important. You need to prime your eyelids and make sure you use one of these tools to prime them.

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    Eye shadow

    The primer is going to help you with your eye shadows. If there is not eye shadow, then you will find it difficult to put on an eye shadow and it will most probably come off quicker than it is supposed to and you will find it hard to keep the golden fall look up. Use your finger to apply cream to your eye shadow.

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    Mix honey matte brown with a shimmer dark brown. That will give you the look that you are looking for. As much as you get closer to your inner corner, try to make the colour darker so that the overall shade fades out as you move outside your inner corner. Moreover, this should go out on your third lid.

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    Now once you are done with the difficult bit, you need to stylize. Make an overall look that will make you look good. You need a liner and mascara. You also need to highlight. Moreover, go for a blush and to pull off the look completely, tie it up with a pink lipstick.

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