How to Stretch Your Relaxers

When African-American women desire to have straight hair instead of the curls they are born with, they often go for relaxers. The only problem with these relaxers is that they are made with very strong chemicals, which can destroy the hair and your scalp or at least weaken hair in the long run. However, if you stretch the relaxer from 10 to 12 weeks, you can improve the condition of your hair.


  • 1

    You have to deep condition your hair almost twice a week and leave the conditioner in the hair for about 30 to 40 minutes.

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    If you notice that your hair is very mushy, limp or soft, then you need to use protein in order to revitalise them. It is advised that you do a protein treatment just one week before the relaxer in order to prepare your hair for the process.

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    The breakage usually occurs at the demarcation line of the hair, so this is the area which you need to target when deep conditioning your hair.

  • 4

    In order to soften your new growth and ends of the hair, you can add oils like Coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Jojoba oil, Safflower oil, in your conditioner for extra lubrication.

  • 5

    You need to increase your co-washes as they are a quick way to moisturise the hair. Remember the longer the hair are stretched the more moisture they require. Co-washes also make the hair much easier to manage and once you make a habit of doing it, you will not be able keep yourself away from this.

  • 6

    You would also need to get steam treatments, lasting for about 20 to 30 minutes.

  • 7

    It is critical that you keep your hair moisturised at all times.

  • 8

    In order to ensure a smooth new growth you can apply a blow dryer on the roots with the help of a brush. This will allow you to stretch even longer than you were expecting.

  • 9

    You can air dry the braid or set them with the help of rollers.

  • 10

    For blending the new growth with the relaxed hair you should do twist-outs.

  • 11

    Stretching is very hard on your hair so you need to be extra gentle in order to avoid damage.

  • 12

    It is advised that you untangle the hair with the help of a conditioner before shampooing or find yourself a de-tangling shampoo.

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