How To Maintain A Suit For Men

Maintaining a suit is very important for men hoping to keep them over a long period of time. Most men don’t know how to preserve their suits and they always end up having to spend money on new ones every now and then. Suit maintenance simply requires that you utilize a few simple tips such as avoiding over-washing and so on. If you’ve been looking for a way to maintain your suit for a while now but have no clue on how to begin, this article is what you need to get started. Read on to find out 7 tips for maintaining a suit for men.


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    Have more than one

    One of the best ways to maintain your suit is to have more than one. If you are one of those people that strictly has to wear a suit to their place of work on a daily basis, having just one will do you no good.

    Wearing one suit every day, means you’ll soon ruin that particular suit and probably have to buy another one in no time. You should have at least 2-3 so you can rotate them and avoid overuse.

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    Avoid certain places

    There are certain places you should never visit whilst wearing a suit. Places like the beach, the stadium, parties and so on, should be considered no-go zones when you've got a suit on. Instead of wearing your suits to such places, why not go for a casual wear and avoid untimely ruin from the inevitable spills and such.

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    Wear occasionally

    For best maintenance, you should probably save your suit for for when the occasion arises, especially if it’s the only one you have, otherwise you'll increase the possibility of ruining the suit before long.

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    Keep in open air

    The fastest way to ruin your suit is to stash it in a bag far away from fresh air and sunlight. You’ll want to keep the suit in open air always.

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    Avoid folding

    Instead of folding your suit and destroying it, why not look for a means to either hang it in a wardrobe or anywhere free and conducive? As long as it’s hanging from the top down, it’s good for the suit.

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    Have It Dry Cleaned

    Dry cleaning by yourself is not advisable, unless you have adequate knowledge on how to go about it efficiently. But to be on the safe side, hand your suit to reputable dry cleaners that will take good care of your suit without it sustaining any form of damage.

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    Maintaining a suit shouldn’t be difficult to do, once you start practicing these few tips.

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