How to Renew Your Shoes with a Deep Shine

Shoes are arguably an important part of your image. Their appearance might tell a lot about the owner’s lifestyle and financial situation. To always look decent, you need to carefully look after your shoes.

This will not only give you a presentable look but also increases the life of any given product. To polish or shine your shoes, it is important to choose the right care products and learn the simple rules of cleaning shoe materials.

Things Required:

– Shoe Cream
– Shoe Shiner
– Shoe Brush
– Water
– Soft Cloth
– Shoe Polish
– Turpentine
– Milk
– Vegetable Oil


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    Consult the dealer of the shoe store before buying a product such as a shoe shiner. He/she can help you choose the right product for your shoe and can give useful tips on how to prolong the life of your shoes. Ideally, this should be done in conjunction with the purchase of a new pair. For the cold season, thick creams are usually recommended on the basis of an organic solvent as they cleanse and nourish leather, repel moisture and dust. For spring and summer, it is better to pick up the liquid with a water-based remedy.

  • 2

    Remove any dirt from the surface of the shoe with a piece of cloth dipped in clean water, then put the shoes under a fan. If your favourite shoes have completely lost their natural shine, clean them with a mixture of turpentine and milk (25 g to 2.5 g). Rubber boots and galoshes can be washed in warm water.

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    Buy a special brush for applying shoe polish or a cotton swab. Apply a small amount of the product (polish, cream or cleanser) in the affected area before cleaning other areas that are subject to more wear and tear.

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    It is recommended to polish your shoes in the morning because the protective layer of the cream gets time to thoroughly enter the pores of the shoe's material.

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    Rubber boots can be rubbed with vegetable oil for cleansing. Products made up of white leather can be wiped with a mixture of warm milk from time to time as this will help them to retain their colour.

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    Carefully clean the varnished type of shoes in order to save their glossy surface. Use only the cloth and not the brush. Before polishing, wipe shoes with milk, castor oil or grease. Only then you can get a good shine out of them.

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