How to Fade a T-Shirt Deliberately

Nowadays, the younger crowd tends to prefer investing in clothes that have a worn, “faded” look. Essential for a trendy, casual look, a faded t-shirt is a must, and can be worn with everything from jeans, to shorts, and even skirts. While many might end up investing in a store-bought product, you can create a less expensive and equally trendy faded t-shirt at home. The key is to do everything you wouldn’t normally do with a t-shirt, and employ all sorts of methods to give it that “old t-shirt” look.


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    A sure-fire method for fading a t-shirt without ruining it is to wash it repeatedly. Normally, people avoid washing their favourite t-shirts too often, as this tends to break down the colour, but since this is exactly what you are aiming for, put the t-shirt through multiple washes. This way, you will not be using harsh chemicals on it, and can actually control the fading process – once the t-shirt acquires the look you want, you can stop washing it too often.

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    Another great and natural method for fading a t-shirt deliberately is to lay it out in the sun. This can be an easy way to fade a t-shirt, but will take some time. To create an interesting, wrinkled effect, you can scrunch your shirt up when you lay it in the sun, so only parts of it fade away while others remain intact.

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    You can also fade a t-shirt by applying particular products and ingredients to it. RIT colour remover, easily available in the laundry section of most stores, is a great product to use – just make sure you follow the instructions on the pack. If you are unable to get a hold of this, simply grab some lemon juice, spray it onto your t-shirt, and lay it out in the sun.

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    Salt and water also cut through colour well, so whip up a mixture comprising 8 cups water to 1½ cups salt, boil it and cool it, and then soak the t-shirt in this for a couple of days. You can also use sandpaper to rub it down, or hang it out in the sun after soaking it, to help the fading process along. Keep repeating these steps until the t-shirt is faded to the desired degree.

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