How to Recondition a Leather Coat

Most of us have owned or are currently in possession of a nice leather coat. Usually leather is the type of material that can last for quite a few years, there comes a time when your leather coat will look dull and worn out. Instead of pushing it to the back of your closet or donating it to someone, you can always try to recondition it. There is no need to worry and throw it out, as there are many different methods that you can use to help restore or recondition a leather coat.


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    Inspect your leather coat:

    Under the sun or bright lights try to inspect each and every inch of your leather coat. Try to make a note of all the areas that look worn out or are possibly damaged.

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    Try to clean your leather coat using a soft cloth or brush. Remember to do this gently and not to make more damage from the cleaning. Be sure to get as much dirt and grime off the leather coat as possible.

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    Hang coat:

    Place your leather coat on a hanger as it will make it a lot easier to recondition it. Make sure that there are no other jackets or coats touching it.

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    Buy leather reconditioning cream:

    Go to your nearest convenient store and ask the salesperson to help you find a good quality leather reconditioning cream that is specifically designed to be used on coats. You should be able to find many different leather reconditioning creams and lotions that can be applied easily at home.

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    Apply cream to coat:

    Take a clean cloth and put a small amount of leather reconditioning cream on it. Now gently apply this cream all over your leather coat. Be sure to take your time and fill in all the cracks and worn out areas throughout the coat. Make sure to cover the leather coat completely so that you don’t have to constantly keep putting more cream on it. Try to avoid getting this cream on your hands.

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    Allow cream to dry:

    Let the cream dry out and check your leather coat carefully. If you find certain areas that are not looking good, you can always apply more leather conditioning cream to fix it.

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    Repeat yearly:

    Try to repeat this process at least once a year to keep your leather coat looking brand new. Remember to always use just a small amount of the leather reconditioning cream on your leather coat to avoid it developing mold.

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