How to Iron a Neck Tie

A wrinkled tie is something that happens all too often. Knowing how to deal with it properly can make it a useful skill that will not harm your tie. Many ties are made from sensitive fabrics such as silk and polyester, as well as wool. We are here to try to offer a safe and effective method of effectively ironing your neck ties, so you can have your tie shine whenever you wear it!

The following guide details the process involved in ironing a tie with quick tips. Good luck and don’t forget to dominate with that tie when it’s game time.

Things required:

– Clean cotton cloth
– Quality iron and strong flat surface


  • 1

    The Right Temperature

    Ironing ties can damage ties if they are set at too high a temperature. Many newer irons offer settings based on material. Silk and polyester ties should be set no higher than 140 degreesĀ Celsius. Wool ties can be ironed under 170 degrees Celsius.

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    Lay the Tie and Cover

    Lay the tie on the flat surface and cover it full with a clean cotton cloth. A t-shirt or kitchen cloth both work well.

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    Iron the tie pressing slightly and working wrinkles from side to side. The less time spent ironing the tie, the better it will be, so be as efficient as possible.

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    Once the tie is ironed, let it hang for a little while. This will allow the tie to sit in a more natural position and settle.

    Preventing wrinkles is the best way to make ironing ties easier. Always hang ties untied allowing the material to sit naturally.

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