How to Make Maternity Clothes

Choosing the right maternity dress during a woman’s pregnancy not only makes her feel comfortable but also makes her look elegant and stylish. Although maternity clothes are offered at some departmental stores but one still feels like having more styles and varieties. If you are an expectant mother and still haven’t come across the exact dress you are searching  for; why not make one for yourself? You won’t find it as difficult a task as you feel. Rather the whole process may be divided in to two steps. First, you need to finalize the design that you feel is best for you. After the design is finalized comes the sewing part which can be done yourself or by a tailor.


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    How to Make a Maternity Belly Band

    During pregnancy, a homemade bellyband will serve the purpose of supporting your tummy and working as a belt for your unbuttoned jeans. For this you need to pick an old T-shirt and cut it horizontally. Throw away its upper portion and turn and fold the cloth to give it a band like shape and then sew it using Zig Zag Stitching technique.

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    How to Make a Maternity Top

    Once you enter the 4th month of pregnancy you should get a stretchable or soft fabric to suit your growing waistline. Find a pattern that you think would suit you.  Since your waist is constantly growing, you should make sure the length of the top is adequate to cover your torso.  Start sewing the shirt by following the instructions carefully.

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    How to Make a Maternity Jeans

    With your waistline constantly growing, your jeans would not fit you. Preparing maternity jeans is not a big deal at all. All you need to do is get an elastic and cut it as per the measurement taken from your waist. Join both its ends so that it forms a loop. Now cut off the belt loop of your jeans and sew the elastic with the jeans on the place from where the belt loop was removed.

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    How to Make a Maternity Skirt

    Missing the comforts of wearing a skirt during your pregnancy? Lets sew a maternity skirt. Take measurements and make a pattern for the skirt. Cut the fabric into pieces accordingly and start sewing. Next, stitch the seams properly and ensure that the hem hangs appropriately. Iron the skirt after it is ready to be used.

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