How to Choose an Outfit in the Morning

Choosing an outfit in the morning can sometime be the most difficult task. When you wake up and have to go to somewhere, then the time limitation makes it even more difficult to choose an outfit to wear.


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    Look out for the weather

    First of all you need to take things into considerations like the weather. If it is cold then choose warm clothes and if summer then you should wear summer clothes. For winters, you need to put on several layers of clothes in order to warm up but it can easily be decided. You simply need to choose which jacket etc to wear.

    In summers, you require fewer layers of clothes but as they are more evident, it requires more time to select.

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    Determine the time you spend cosmetically

    Next you need to consider the time you spend on your hair styling or makeup every morning. You should also take into consideration the time you spend brushing your teeth and taking bath etc.

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    Determine the time require for wearing dress

    You need to figure out the time require for wearing the dress. It will depend on the number of layers you will wear. For summers, the time required for wearing dress is less as there is usually one layer but for winters, you will need more time for wearing dresses.

    Remember to take into consideration the time require for wearing jewellery and accessories.

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    Choose the outfit

    Next you need to choose the outfit you want to wear for the day. You can choose to wear plain uppers and normal pants. However, if you are going to a function or a mall then you can wear trendy clothes.

    If you are going to office or school, then you need to choose the appropriate dress code for your office or school in the morning.

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    Accessorize yourself

    After choosing the base outfit, you need to accessorize yourself. You can wear belts, scarf and caps or hats. Try to wear your accessories of same colour or you can even wear contrasting colour accessories.

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    Choose shoes

    Then choose which type and colour of shoes you want to wear. You can either wear slippers or you can wear boots.

    For summers flip flops are preferable while in winters you can wear covered shoes.

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    In the end, you need to choose the jewellery. You can try different jewellery and choose the one which goes along with your dress.

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