How to Wear High Waisted Shorts

Over the last couple of decades, clothing style and fashion has undergone change all over the globe, with bolder and more revealing dresses becoming a norm, especially in western countries. In the previous decades, we had seen high waisted pants and skirts becoming extremely common before low cuts stole the show.

Nevertheless, classic high waisted shorts still look great, with several models and actresses sporting them frequently. In order to carry high waisted shorts, you need a good waist line, shapely thighs and trim legs. However, even if you do not have the best physical features, you can still appear gorgeous and elegant in high waisted shorts, if you are a little creative and confident.


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    High waisted shorts

    High waisted shorts are easily available in a variety of cuts and fabric choices. They are not that expensive either, and you can buy a couple of pairs, which suit your body type and complexion. It is not imperative that you have to go for high waisted shorts which reach above your belly button. If you have a large bust or a shorter torso, you will feel more comfortable in shorts which reach over your hip bone.

    Low-cut shorts have been popular for such a long time that that even mid-cut shorts will appear high-waisted.

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    Your shirt should be properly tucked in

    Your shirt must be properly tucked in when you are wearing high waisted shorts. This will make your new shorts more prominent, enhancing your overall personality as a result.

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    Cut a pair of jeans

    Some girls, who are very creative and are never reluctant to experiment, cut their old jeans and turn them into high waisted shorts. Even if the pair of jeans is a little too big on you, it will still suit you if you can add a nice and trendy belt.

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    Work on your thighs

    If you are fond of wearing high-waisted shorts, you must work extremely hard on your legs and thighs. Shave your legs regularly and focus on your thighs, hamstrings and calves in the gym.

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