How to Dye Clothes in a Pan

Dyeing clothes on your own is great fun but there are certain things that should be available beforehand in order to avoid any hassle. Also before dyeing clothes, it is important to determine the type of fabric and the color to dye it with. In addition to this, it is also important to make sure that the dye that is being used is not a bleeding one and would not wash off the clothe.

This article will guide you how to dye clothes in a pan

– Large Pan of Stainless Steel,
– Drainer
– Plastic Buckets
– Fork
– Jar/cup
– Spatula/Stirring Rods
– Stove
– Igniter (in case of gas stove).
– Gloves
– Clothes to dye
– Fabric Dye


  • 1

    Wear Gloves

    Before getting started put gloves on your hands to protect your skin from harmful effects of the chemical.

  • 2

    Prepare Solution

    Firstly prepare the dyeing solution. Take a small jar or cup, fill it with water and then add the dye in it. Stir well with fork to make sure it is mixed properly.

  • 3

    Boil the Solution

    Now pour water in a pan and add some salt. Heat it until it starts bubbling. This will take a few minutes. When the water is boiled, pour the dyeing solution gently into the boiling water, avoiding the powder that has settled down at the bottom of the cup so that it does not pour with the solution. It is better to use a drainer while transferring the dying solution from the cup into the boiling water. Now when the dye is completely transferred into the boiling water, stir with a spatula until the solution is entirely distributed. Let it boil for 5-10 minutes.

  • 4

    Soak the Clothes to be Dyed

    Meanwhile add some water in a bucket and soak the clothes to dye for 5 minutes. When it is completely soaked in water, take it out.

  • 5

    Put the Clothes in the Pan

    Now with the help of spatula/stirring rods, slowly and gently start dipping the clothe in folds and put one fold at a time into the pan so that the color gets distributed evenly.

    Once the entire clothe is added into the pan, keep stirring until it gets the color.

  • 6

    When it gets dyed completely take it out and soak it in a bucket full of water to let the extra dye bleed away.

  • 7

    When the clothe is free of extra color take it out and rinse well and leave it for drying. Your clothe is now dyed!

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