How to Choose Evening Dress By Color

The trend of evening events has massively affected every society over the recent years. Now, every family wants to organise birthday parties, special treats and public gatherings only in the evening time.

If you are going to an evening function, you have to be very specific with your dress. No one affords wearing dull colours when going to an evening event. It is not all about trying different shades.

No matter how good lighting the hosts have arranged, you will look no good if the dress is not fine. So, it is always important to make a very wise move when it comes to choosing evening dress by colour.


  • 1

    Select black

    The best colour for an evening dress is black. It stands for coolness, mystery and elegance. Both men and women can easily pick a black dress for the evening dress.

    This dark colour enhances women’s sexy attributes. Go with a black skirt with a high heel. If the temperatures are low, you can always try a long black coat.

  • 2

    Try white

    If black is not available, select a white dress. But make sure you don’t wear an awkward colour in combination. This soft colour adds plenty of affection and class to the personality. Meanwhile, you look pretty cute in white.

    If going to a wedding, you cannot afford to try a white dress, because the bride usually wears this. Don’t forget to try some flashy accessories to add elegance.

  • 3

    Choose red or blue dress

    Red and blue are also good evening colours, especially in winters. Red gives an impressive of aggression and enthusiasm. For ladies, a long shirt is always a great option.

    But don’t forget to wear high heels. There are a few drawbacks of wearing red, because you cannot try any accessory with this.

  • 4

    Colourful prints

    If you want to say no to boring styles, try colourful prints. It must not look like a rainbow though. To get a fashionable style, you can add ruffles, lace, tinsel and appliqué.

  • 5

    Add accessories

    Accessories are very important with an evening dress. A few good choices are: pearl, sapphire, emerald, diamond or artificial jewellery. For ladies, a clutch is a must.

  • 6

    Choose shiny shoes

    After finishing with the dress, go for a good pair of shiny shoes. If you are not done with the pedicure, don’t ever wear open-toe sandals. In the meantime, you cannot afford to wear multi-coloured shoes.

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