How to Dress To Elongate Short Legs

Legs are among the most noticeable features of a woman, with millions of men around the globe admitting that they find it extremely hard to resist women with long legs.

The fairer sex naturally wants to be attractive and desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex, which is why they do not hesitate to flaunt a long and beautiful pair of legs.

Some women, however, are not exactly blessed with the kind of legs that men adore, which takes a huge chunk out of their confidence.

Fortunately, wearing the right kind of clothes can help a woman make her legs look longer and attractive, consequently making her feel more confident.


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    One of the most effective ways to elongate short legs is by wearing pants and skirts that start high up on the waist (e.g. the empire waist style). Wearing pants and skirts of such style creates the illusion that the lower body and thus the legs start in a higher place. Female with short waists, however, will not benefit from this, as irrespective of how high-waisted their pants or skirts are, their legs will continue to look short.

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    Legs can be made to look longer by mixing lengths of jackets and skirts while going for a formal or semi-casual look. If you have opted to go with a shorter skirt, then it would be most appropriate to wear a relatively long jacket with it. On the other hand, go with a short jacket if you are planning on wearing a longer skirt. By mixing up the lengths of the two garments, your legs will not only become more prominent, but will also appear longer.

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    Short skirts and shorts have been doing wonders for females around the globe. Even women with great pairs of long legs choose to go for bottom-wear that leaves very little to the imagination. The effect is pretty similar for females with slightly shorter legs. By wearing shorts or short skirts, they can expose a greater percentage of their legs, which tends to make them look longer. Wearing short skirts and shorts is considered inappropriate in many countries and societies, which is why this option is not always available for women who want to make their legs look longer.

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    During the spring and summer season, options such as capri pants, tapered pants, pedal pushers and cigarette pants are widely available, and all of them are extremely flattering for people with short legs.

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    Bottom-wear is not the only thing that affects the appearance of legs. Wearing cropped tops and short t-shirts or shirts can make the legs appear longer as well.

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