How to Tie a Bow Tie for a Tuxedo

Bow ties look great alongside tuxedos. While there are a few which are tied when you buy them, others you need to tie yourself. There’s no doubt that tying a bow tie yourself can get a little difficult.

In fact, tying a bow tie is relatively more difficult as compared to tying a regular tie. However, you can tie a classy bow tie easily once you start practicing. Several people opt for pre-tied bow ties and they believe that it is going to save their time. However, if you want your bow tie to look just perfect and the way you want it to be, you need to learn how to make it yourself. Here are a few simple steps which can help you tie a bow tie when you are wearing a tuxedo.


  • 1

    Start off by adjusting the length of your bow tie. Make sure you adjust it in a way that it fits your neck size and you are not too uncomfortable in it.

  • 2

    Once you have adjusted the size of the bow tie, lift your collar up so that you can put the tie around your neck.

  • 3

    Now put the bow tie around your neck. Make sure that one end of the bow tie is around an inch lower as compared to the other.

  • 4

    Since both the ends are now hanging just the way they should be, it’s time for you to tie a simple knot. Grab the longer end of the tie, bring it across and take it behind the shorter end to tie a simple knot.

  • 5

    Pull the knot but make sure that it is not too tight.

  • 6

    Notice that there would be two hourglass shapes on your tie. Fold the one which is on the shorter end of your tie and form a bow shape right on your button.

  • 7

    The bow shape should always be in front. Once it is there, hold it down with your finger in a horizontal position so that it covers your neck.

  • 8

    Now bring the longer end of your bow tie and put it right in front of the shorter end which you are holding with your finger.

  • 9

    Make sure that the longer end is actually in a horizontal position. You will notice that this is actually a horizontal bow.

  • 10

    Now put the horizontal bow behind the first bow by taking it under the previous bow.

  • 11

    There would be a small space behind the first bow, take the second bow through that space and right on the other side.

  • 12

    Once the two bows are perfectly in line with each other, it is time for you to fix their shape. Make sure that the second bow is serving as a border to the first bow.

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