How to Insure Jewelry for Shipping

It is wise to always insure your jewelry before shipping it. This can make sure that your delivery is received safe and in one piece, and you can have a peace of mind in recovery of its cost if it is damaged or lost in the way before reaching the recipient. There are many companies that offer insurance to all precious items, including jewelry and you can get them insured by simply filling out a form at the time of booking for shipping of the items. Here are a few steps to guide you.


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    Make List of All Jewelry Items

    First of all you should make a list of all jewelry items that you are going to ship. You can keep an inventory list for yourself and add a list in the item packaging so that when the recipient opens, all the listed items can be checked. Also, you can email the list or share it on phone with the recipient to make sure the list included in the package is not modified.

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    Determine Value of Items

    It is better to determine value of all jewelry items. It can be an accumulative monetary value and value of each item individually. The insurer will ask you about the worth of the jewelry that you intend to ship. So better write down the total worth of it.

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    Inquire From Shipping Company

    Ask the customer service adviser or a booking clerk at the counter of a shipping company if the total shipping price includes the insurance cover. Sometimes companies package the insurance cover in the total shipping price and in this way you do not have to fill out separate forms to get insurance cover for your items.

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    Ask Postal Clerk

    If you are sending the items through post office shipping system, not through private courier, ask the postal clerk at the counter that you wish to buy an insurance cover for your jewelry item. They can arrange you a form and then you can get your package insured. Also, send your package through registered mail, and you can be informed about delivery of it to your recipient.

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    Buying Insurance Cover

    If you have more than one options for insurance cover of your jewelry buy the one that is competitive and comprehensive. Simply, fill out form and hand it over to the clerk. They will ask you about the payment of the fee and thus your jewelry items being shipped will be covered.

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    Retain Record

    Retain receipts of the insurance cover and shipping mail with you for your record. Particularly, keeping safe the receipt for insurance cover is essential as without the receipt you cannot claim back money against worth of items if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

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