How To Care for Tourmaline Jewelry

Stone with mixed colours, Tourmaline, is a beautiful gem that comes in dozens of different hues. This stone has a long history. The name was derived from the Sri Lankan word “tura mali” which means the mixed coloured stone.

Just put a few tourmalines in front of you and you will feel like watching a rainbow. A few shades of tourmaline are very rare and therefore, their prize is equally high. These are beautiful stones, mostly mined in Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

A few tourmalines give different shades, depending on the way the light hits them. On the other hand, one category of this stone has a cat-eye appearance. These unique qualities make this stone very expensive.

Therefore, one can take things lightly while wearing this jewellery. It is a hard stone, and this quality makes it susceptible to breaking, splitting and scratches. So, you need to be very careful while wearing it. With care, you can enjoy your tourmaline jewellery even for decades.


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    When doing some vigorous activities, don’t wear it. If you are washing things in the kitchen, you might accidently bang it with a hard surface. Even if it does not break, the impact will surely leave a horrific mark.

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    There is no need to wear your tourmaline jewellery, when it comes to do household chores. Remove it before going to your garden because the little stones in the sand might leave scratches on your gem.

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    The ladies should always remove the gem before doing makeup. The hair sprays and different lotions might affect the brightness of the stone.

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    Keep it away from chemicals, especially cleaning detergents. Wash your clothes only after removing the ring.

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    Always avoid high temperatures. A lot of ladies forget to remove the jewellery before cooking. Similarly, a heater, direct sunshine or a burner might affect the gem.

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    Clean your jewellery at least once a month, even if you are not using it regularly. The dust affects the brightness and as a result, the gem starts looking a fake one.

    For this, you should use special jewellery cleaning solutions, which are easily available in the market these days. Don’t forget to dry it after washing. Don’t every use ultrasonic or steam cleaner to clean your stone.

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    It is always better to store the tourmaline jewellery in a separate box. These stone are very sensitive, and pick up scratches very quickly. So, keep them in a separate box in order to avoid contact with other harder stones.

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