How to Choose a Platinum Ring

Rings have long been used as a tool to express love and loyalty. The tradition of changing rings on wedding clearly tells the significance and importance.

Platinum is one of the most expensive of all the precious metals and stone. In today’s world, platinum jewellery has become a symbol of respect and confidence. This previous and remarkable gem is available in natural white colour.

But to buy any kind of jewellery is one has to be responsible and well aware of certain things especially if it is an engagement ring. Thus, it is necessary to take into account some important factors, such as not only the design but also the quality and strength of the gem.


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    Check the seal on the inside of the jewellery - it must tell that the product contains 95% platinum. Otherwise, you are paying money for a lot of impurities that weaken the remarkable properties of this precious metal.

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    Platinum is often compared to white gold but platinum contains fewer impurities as compared to the later. Silver, despite the resemblance to platinum, is quite soft metal. To distinguish platinum from white gold, pay attention to the fact that the products are made ​​of platinum are heavy. For comparison, take in hand two rings, platinum and gold.

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    Platinum is a very durable metal, therefore little scratch on it can make huge difference on its price and quality. Therefore, over time, the product of a metal may become gray-yellow, and the covering sometimes wears out.

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    If you are not afraid of chemical experiments at home, you can test it by applying to a 1 drop of gold chloride on the product. You can evaluate the results in 40 seconds if platinum is in optimum and pure form. A dark green spot will appear if it is original and it will remain unchanged if there’s any doubt.

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    As most women do not remove wedding ring whether its winter or summer, neither during exercise nor during pregnancy, make sure you think twice about the size of the ring because fingers swell and contract from heat, cold, resulting in weight gain and water retention in the body.

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