How to Make a Shamrock Necklace

If you are looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the perfect way then you should consider preparing a shamrock necklace. Adults and kids in particular love the shamrock necklace as it gives them something exciting and enjoyable to make. Show off your creative skills to your friends and family members by making a beautiful shamrock necklace.

Things Required:

– Green construction paper
– Scissors
– Colours Pens
– Markers
– Glitter
– Glue
– Ribbon or yarn


  • 1

    First, you will be required to sketch shapes on green construction paper. Depending on your personal choice, you can either cut out a shamrock in different shapes or simply cut one size and trace the other. It is recommended to cut out all shapes and sizes from the green construction paper.

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    Consider using markers, scissors, colours and glitter to decorate your shamrocks. Take your time when performing this task. A well decorated shamrock is likely to impress so try to make it look nice. The designs for each shamrock can either be the same or different. Do your research to come up with the latest decorating ideas. Outlining each shamrock with glitter can give you a good start. Use different colours on each shamrock and create a rainbow if possible.

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    Punch holes at the top of all shamrocks created from the green construction paper. Next, pass a yarn or a ribbon through each hole and tie the knots on each of the shamrocks. This will help you ensure the ribbon or yarn does not move at all. Now, make up your mind about how long you want your shamrock necklace to be. Measure that length and then tie the ends together to finish the job.

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    You can also choose to create a bracelet along with your shamrock necklace to complement one another. Consider cutting small sized shamrock shapes for preparing the bracelet. Again you will be required to decorate the shamrock shapes using colours, glitters, markers and scissors. Make sure the design of your bracelet is a bit different to that of your shamrock necklace. Attach the yarn and measure it out to size of your wrist.

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