How to Wear Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is basically a symbol of love and affection between a husband and wife. They are usually worn by both in their ring finger, which is the third finger of the left hand. Wedding rings are generally made of gold and silver bands. Some rings are beautifully designed by the use of precious stones and diamonds.

However, wearing a wedding ring depends on the traditions or set rules of society. Some people wear a wedding ring on the finger of their left hand while others prefer the right hand. Keep reading to know how to wear wedding rings.


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    First of all, you need to know the traditional point of view of the particular community or society in which you are living. It will help you to know which hand they use to wear a wedding ring.

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    Mostly wedding rings are worn in the left ring finger because many people think that a vein in the third finger of left hand goes straight to the heart. That is why people consider this finger as the most important one for setting up a loving relationship of husband and wife.

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    However, this theory does not work in all areas of the world. For many people, left is a Latin word which means sinister. So a huge number of people around the world do not wear wedding ring in their left finger because they consider it a bad thing for the married couple and hold the opinion that the marriage will not bring pleasure to the couple.

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    If you are one of these people who believe that wearing a ring on the left finger is bad for the married couple then you can wear the ring in the third finger of your right hand.

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    If you are at a new place and do not know anything about the tradition of wearing a ring, then you can observe different people which will help you to get an idea of which finger is used.

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    Many people wear wedding rings in which different stones are embedded. Make sure you wear a compatible stone that is usually suggested according to your date of birth and astrological star.

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