How to Choose High Quality Emeralds

Emerald is considered as the last gem in a series of first-class gems. This stone comes in an honourable fourth place categories right beside gems like diamonds and two varieties of corundum – ruby and sapphire.

An important and often leading role in the evaluation of precious stones is their place of production. As far as rubies and sapphires are concerned, Kashmir is the trademark destination to find the previous stones while Colombia is the recognized benchmark of quality emeralds.

Natural defects in natural emeralds are more frequent and pronounced much brighter than in the same rubies and sapphires. They are unique in colour and clarity of these stones are rare in nature.

Most of the emeralds are produced after dividing it by the mass and low-quality jewellery materials. Higher quality stones to be cut involve emeralds with many defects treated hemisphere (cabochon).

In most cases, due to the presence of this chemical element which can be seen through the colour filter, the stones seem red or brown. Testing these precious stones helps to distinguish from other emerald green glass stones and coarse imitations (rhinestones).

In addition to Colombia, the largest deposits of emeralds are located in East and Southern Africa, in the Urals, in India and Pakistan. Experts can determine the origin of the stone at large inclusions that are unique to a particular region. Once you decided to purchase an emerald, you need to know certain things and some facts about it.


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    If want to distinguish the artificial emerald from the natural, it is very difficult. First of all, you need to focus on price. Real stone is much more expensive, and large emeralds are fabulously expensive. Therefore, don’t buy a large stone with a reasonable price as there is a possibility of it being not original.

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    The more transparent the emerald, the higher will be the cost of it. Emeralds are can be in light or dark colour depending on their origin. Dark emeralds are much more expensive and can be purchased only in high-end jewellery boutiques.

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    Determine the authenticity of the stone without a frame is not so difficult. Take a good magnifying glass and look at the emerald angle. In this perspective, you can see the so-called line of growth of the stone. In artificial emerald, these lines will be completely parallel. The real stone line also should be parallel, but not so orderly.

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