How to Give the Promise Ring to Your Partner

A promise ring is a gesture by a person in a couple to promise something to their significant other. However, the promise ring is a tricky thing. It is not exactly an engagement ring and is often promising something particular. One needs to be clear to their partner what exactly they are promising. From picking out the perfect ring to saying exactly what needs to be said, one needs to be meticulous in their details of how everything should happen. The following few steps should be enough to help one execute the gesture perfectly.


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    Pick out the ring together or design your own. Picking out the ring with your partner’s birthstone or having one custom made according to memorable details is often a good idea. A promise ring symbolizes something special and therefore needs to be personal. If you want it to be a surprise for your partner then make sure to pick out something that signifies a special emotion between the two of you.

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    Plan a special picnic or a special occasion to give the ring to your partner, perhaps their birthday or your anniversary etc. It is often advisable to choose the end of a romantic occasion so that your partner appreciates the gesture. If you want the promise ring to be an engagement ring, make sure the ring has a diamond in it.

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    However, keep in mind that the ring is just a promise ring and not an engagement ring. The occasion, albeit, special should be toned down and not very elaborate and grand. You should also take care as to which finger to place the ring on. Avoid the ring finger of the left hand. You should place the ring on any other finger, preferably on the middle finger of the left hand or the ring finger of the right hand.

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    Once the ring is placed, make sure you are clear in what you are promising. Albeit, less grand than an engagement ring, the gesture is still special and your partner should be clear as to what you are promising them. Use phrases like “I love you” and “I care very much for you” a lot. Be clear in your promise and make sure your partner understands. You should not leave things unsettled nor should your give your partner any mixed signals.

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